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The Cookery Club

Until 2001 I formed part of this collective of Dutch artists, together with Liz Chute & Sander Dikstra. They're still going strong, but I only work with them occasionally now.
(Quicktime movie -400k)
Skull Fridge Kidneys Remote control Jelly Car

Amleth, The Original, The Gothic, The Best.
The play 'Amleth', performed in 2001, is based on the a 10th century manuscript by a monk called Saxo Grammaticus. If the title sounds familiar, you're correct: William Shakespeare got his 'Hamlet' from the same source.
Technically innovative, this play combines live actors in front of an animated backdrop. The animations were made in Flash, and can be controlled 'live', through a keyboard. This allows for split-second timing and offers the actors lots of freedom and room for improvisation.
My work consisted of art direction, additional animation and general digital cleaning.
Backdrop Examples
Artwork & Animation: Djie Han Thung
Director programming: Peghole
Production: De Gasten Komen
Director: Henri van Zanten