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Surprise, surprise: you can hire me.
I'm available for animation, illustration and editorial work.

My past in a nutshell:

Started out at Art School, doing painting, moved into illustrating for various Dutch magazines, like the Alternatieve Konsumenten Bond, TV Studio, Mikro Gids and eventually moved into animation. In the meantime I also collaborated on a theatre project called the Incredible Thinking Man, produced some talkshows and worked as art director for a theatre/animation production called Amleth.
Got a regular job (to my surprise) making flash animations for a company called BitMagic. Worked there for two years and loved it, until it went bankrupt, as any decent dotcom did in those days.

At the moment I'm freelancing again.
Some recent employers are: Grapes , Valkvisuals and ncrv.nl, MacFan

At the same time I'm also editor for the website of Dutch comix-magazine Zone5300

Download my c.v for more information, or just mail me.
mail: info@vanderwaa.com
curriculum vitae Dutch:
Microsoft Word (zipped)
rtf (zipped)

available shortly
Studio address: Vredenoordlaan 18 d
3061 RL Rotterdam
the Netherlands