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cartoons about the 'church' of Scientology
the verdict archaeology sp8 honey heaven
the verdict
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E.T. & O.T.
free nots
the elron
special: the road to freedom. the road to freedom

Cartoons by others
cult fiction kobrin speaks
Cult Fiction
(by mare)
Kobrin Speaks
(by gjansen )
[Cartoons by gjansen and mare]

  • Why this page?

    In september 1995 the Church of Scientology sued my provider, xs4all. because of a document called the Fishman Affidavit.

    This grabbed a lot of people's attention.
    Turns out that Scientology had a habit of filing lawsuits against individuals, web sites and others that publicly criticise it, using the copyright claim as a legal crowbar.

    In protest a lot of people, foremost writer Karin Spaink, started to put the offending document, called The Fishman Affidavit on their website. The cartoons on this page were made to provide some entertainment in between all the litigation.
  • What is Scientology?

    In 19xx L. Ron Hubbard, writer of Science fiction books, started a church, which he called Scientology. The watered-down version of this religion Hubbard called 'Dianetics'. Also referrred to as $cientology, CoS, Co$. The organisation has a myriad of subcompanies, involving themselves from real estate to publishing. Many people suspect Hubbard founded the church for tax reasons only, as churches are tax-exempt in many countries, most notably the U.S.
  • What is the Fishman Affidavit?

    The document that started it all. The affidavit is the testimony which ex-Scientology member Steven Fishman deposited in the court case the read it!

  • I don't understand these cartoons!

    I'm not surprised. The intended audience is people who already know something about Scientology.
  • Can I use these cartoons?

    These images are freeware: you may freely copy them, put them on your own homepage, print them for private use and distribute them, as long as you don't alter them in any way, and/or ask any money for them, and as long as they are accompanied by this note. All rights reserved. The publication of these cartoons in printed or digital magazines, books or any other form of media is prohibited without prior permission of waa, or mare.
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